A Plea for White Children – W.L. Creath, 11/17/1912

A Plea for White Children – W.L. Creath, 11/17/1912

The present time seem, to be “plea time.” Nearly everybody everywhere nowadays is making pleas
for something. or somebody. Many everywhere are making their customary daily pleas for the “mighty
dollar,” in a hundred, or more different ways and for as many different purposes, laudable from their
own point of view, if not from others. Many others of all kinds. and classes of people everywhere. are
also making pleas of some kind, or another to the public, or to somebody, or to the “Powers that be,”
for themselves, or for the betterment of others, or for better conditions in the community in which they
live. All of this is very commendable, and should be encouraged wherever beneficial results are sure.
I am In the “plea business” today myself also, but am not pleading exactly for my own welfare, or for
any one of mine, or for their betterment, but to the white mothers and fathers. everywhere this paper
reaches, and is read, for the better protection of the white babies, and children of the country in general
but for those in Tampa in particular, and my main object and reason in writing this article. and making
this general plea. for the betterment of the care. and nursing of the white babies, and children of Tampa
in particular is that many of them are In sad need of much better attention, and protection along these
lines, than they are receiving every day in the week from the negro “nurses,” and no one as yet, so far
as I have ever seen. or heard of, or read about, have ever protested In public, or elsewhere against the
ill treatment, abuse, and wilful neglect, that is being heaped upon many of them In Tampa, almost every
day in the year, by their seemingly heartless, and cruel, but most certainly careless, and neglectful negro
“nurses,” who have these dear and helpless babies, and little children in their charge from day to day,
and who at most times seem not to care a snap of their finger for the actual comfort and welfare of those
sweet and precious little children, and babies entrusted to them to “nurse, and care for,” so long as they
are “putting in time,” and drawing from four to five dollars per week. from “dem white folks,” for what they
do; and these same, nigger “nurses” under these circumstances, call themselves “working.” when they
are doing this. May be they are, but very few white children believe it.

The dumb work animals are to some extent watched and protected from unnecessary hardships and
abuse from negro drivers, by the several humane, or cruelty to animals societies, etc, here in Tampa,
as well also, by fear of the laws of the land, pertaining to such things. The birds of the air, and the animals
of the fields, and wood., are also protected to a considerable extent, by similar laws, and also by the
guardians of these laws. Domestic animals are also protected by the laws of the land, from abuse and
III-treatment. and some of these are to my certain knowledge, cared for and better treated In many
instances than are many high grade and lovely white babies and little children In Tampa today, by their
negro “nurses” who are entrusted with their ‘care and protection.” I think the white babies and children
of Tampa. are much more valuable and precious to the world and to their parents also, of course, than
are the birds and animal : and I think also, that the time Is well at hand NOW, when every white parent
in Tampa today, and white mothers In particular, who employ negro “nurses,” for their children should pay
very much more attention to their babies and children, and to the care and treatment they are receiving
daily, at the hands of their negro “nurses.” than they have been doing in the past; and especially so, when
they are out of their sights If such a thing is possible: and it Is a pity that the intent of this suggestIon has
not been the rule before now ; but it can be done NOW. even though a little late in the day starting at it.
and there are several means and ways. too by which It can be done. If white parents will only take time
and the little trouble necessary to do so. I will guarantee that In many instances. they will be very much
surprised and even horrified to learn of the abuse and iII-treatment that is being almost daily heaped upon
their lovely but helpless darlings, by these same nigger “nurses,- who are perhaps seemingly very nice
and attentive to the babies when in the presence ot their parents. This is a very important matter and
especially so to the white parents In Tampa. and to their babies also, and it is well worth their time and the
little energy necessary in looking seriously and immediately Into this matter. They owe it to their babies
and to themselves also to look carefully into it at once, and those who fail to do so are, in my mind.
almost guilty of criminal negligence.

To my mind also. i this Is such an important matter, that I , honestly believe that pastors of the various
churches, as well as the leaders of the various humane societies. ought to look into it, and aggitate
improvements along this line, here in Tampa. We who are Southern born, know much better than do
those who are not, the negro’s criminal and neglectful nature, and they do not fool many of us near
so badly as they do others who do not know them, and their shortcoming so well, and this, article is
principally intended as a warning to those of the latter class Who employ negro “nurses,” and also against
their deceitful and criminal nature, more so than to those who already know him, or her, as he or she
really are, when In charge, of a white child or children, as “nurse.” A short time ago, whilst I was walking
on one of the best streets of a select residential section of the city, I passed two nigger women sitting
on the curbing, who were holding a “tete-a-tete.” as only such niggers can, and within a few feet from
them was a beautiful white boy child. about eighteen months old, that one of these nigger women was
“nursing”(?) and who was at the time calmly playing alone on the grass, but this white child, beautiful
and innocent though he was. seemed to have suddenly done “something awful”; at least so in that “watchful”
(?) nigger’s eyesight, and all by himself, too, that very much displeased “her niggership,” for all at once
this big pumpkin colored, blue gummed, foul mouthed, gold toothed nigger wench, yelled at this beautiful
child in a very loud and cruel manner.

“If you don’t quit dat, I’ll ‘bus’ you in the moat” The chances are about ten, or more, to one, that this same
“kind and gentle”(?) nigger woman In the presence of this child’s Parents, who was “nursing”(?) this pretty
little fellow, had on preyous occasions, really “bussed” him, in the “mouf,” or elsewhere, for a fact, as she
so fiercely threatened to do as I was passing them, for the child at once started up the side-walk towards
its home, I suppose, frightened and crying as If its poor little heart would break ; then this “amiable” and
“kind hearted”( ?) nigger “nurse” at once seemed to realize what she had said, as she began in her deceitful
nigger way, as only such niggers can be, to humor the child and stop its crying, and attracting attention to
her “kind treatment”. of him. Would I have allowed that big blue gummed, loud mouthed nigger wench to “bus”
that beautiful white child in the “mouf,” as she so cruelly threatened to do? Not for half the cash value of the
entire city of Tampa. would I have allowed it, unless that big nigger woman, was a “better man” than I was.
My whole heart and soul, and body, too, would forbid it, and those who know me best, know that I speak the
truth absolutely, when I make such an assertion as the above. Did the fond and doting parents of this beautiful
child, I have refered to above. know what “kind”( ?) and “careful attention” their darling was receiving from its
nigger “nurse.” behind ‘ their backs, and out of their sight? I hardly think so and as stated previous’, in this
article. it would pay them well, and their darling and beautiful child also, to find out and know how its nigger
“nurse” treats it when she has it out of their sight. They owe it to their child, as well as to themselves to do
this. Besides this. I think they and all other white parents, owe this sort of consideration to the community in
which they live also when they employ negro “nurses” for their children. In this connection, it is a well known,
and fully established fact, that nigger “nurses,” at least most of them, wilfully and oftentimes shamefully abuse,
and beat the white children that are placed in their charge by loving, but unsuspecting mothers, to “nurse, and
then gloat over their brutality. as a nigger will do, and then brag to others of their “color and kind,” how they
slapped or beat the “nasty little white devil,” when they had it away and out of sight of the child’s home and
mother, knowing full well that but few niggers anywhere, young or old, will ever tell “de white folks,” of any
abuse that may be heaped upon their children by negro “nurses,” or servants of any kind, if they can help tt.

This is a strong and rancorous trait in the negro’s nature, and whether they can or will help it or not, it Is a
settled fact; that he or she does not, and will not do it, and the only way that any white mother or father will
ever find out if negro “nurses,” or house servants of any kind are ill treating their children is to watch and
catch them in the act themselves, or have some reputable white person report these things to them. ‘who
have seen them do so.Few negroes of any kind will ever tell them, rest assured of that fact. Some of the
old; antebellum negroes might, or would like’ to do so. but they are afraid of the “new nigger” of today, making
things very unpleasant for them in “nigger circles,” after they leave the white child’s home for their own, for
having committed. in the eyes of the “new nigger,” the “unpardonable sin” of telling “the white folks,” on another
nigger. Somewhat along these lines I will mention an incident that happened some years ago, to a white baby,
through the carelessness of its nigger nurse.’ in a city on the Mississippi river in another state in which I once
lived. This baby and its parents nt that time lived close to where I did, and the statements made herein are
about correct. This baby was hardly more than seven or eight months old at that time. It was turned over by
its mother to its nigger “nurse” one tine evening to roil out in its buggy for an airing, and during its outing the
negro nurse met, her favorite nigger man, or beau. on fist street and together with the white baby in its buggy,
they strolled to a quiet and secluded spot to “spark,” and talk over “matters between them,” after leaving the white
baby in its buggy to take care of Itself, as nigger “nurses” usually do, whenever their favorite nigger man is “on
hand,” The buggy with the baby in it was loft standing on the slope of an incline in the road in the park and for
some reason unknown to that nigger “nurse,” the buggy started rolling down the slope with the baby in it, when
it capsized and dumped the baby out on the hard ground and rocks and fatally injured it. as it died a few days
afterward, from the effects of that fall out of its buggy.

This nigger “nurse” would never tell the truth about the matter, not even “to save that white child’s life,” for had
she done so, the attending physician would have known better what to do for It. That nigger begun lying about
the matter from the time the baby was hurt, as only nigger, can lie. and kept it up to the end: and the poor mother
heart-broken and sadly distressed as she was, never knew what really did happen to her precious baby until
a white landscape gardener in the park at which the incident occurred and who saw what really did happen, told
of it, when he found out who were the parents of the child. In the meantime this negro “nurse” had perhaps told
a hundred or more lies to the child’s mother, and to others also. about the matter, but would not tell even “one truth.”
to help save that white baby’s precious life. Such is the “new negro” nature everywhere, and those in Florida.
and In Tampa in particular, are no better or different in that respect than they are elsewhere. In fact, in many
respects, here, they are not near so reliable and trust-worthy, as they are In many other places I have been,
where “niggers is niggers,” and are taught and even compelled to be better, than I see they are here in Tampa
with but few exceptions. Along lines somewhat similar to the shore narrative, I will add that as I was passing
the Tampa Bay car waiting station on a West lamps car a few days ago. I saw sitting on n bench in front of the
waiting station a nigger “nurse.” with a white child about two years old. sitting upon her lap, and pressed close
to her “bosom.” with one arm, and a young “nigger buck,” about twenty years old, sitting next to. and tusseling
with tier, for something she had in her possession, and of course all this time this pretty little baby girl was being
roughly handled and tossed about by these two niggers during their scuffle. Is this considered right and proper
in Tampa. to allow nigger “nurses” to handle white babies In such a manner as this beautiful. but helpless little
girl was being handled by that young “nigger buck,” and its “nurse,” on that day?

I. for one, will never admit that It Is. Nor do I believe that the parents of that sweet baby girl would admit to it either,
had they seen their little darling being Jerked and tossed about in the rough manner that It was. by a young nigger
“man,” and a nigger woman calling herself “nurse” for It. Then why not the parents of this sweet child, and for that
matter, all other reputable white. parents also, who employ negro nurses,; pay more attention to their darlings, and
to the care and attention they receive from these “nurses,” when they take their children away from home and out of
their sight? Why? And again, why don’t they? Would it not pay them and their babies also, mighty well to do this much
for them? I certainly think so. If parents do not look out for, and protect their own babies, who will? Certainly not many
of the negro “nurses” of today, to whose “care” they are entrusted, will do it. This is positively a fact. – As to that Tampa
Bay car waiting station, I will also state, as every one no doubt knows as well, or perhaps better than I do, that almost
every pleasant afternoon that this particular point is a sort of “rendevous.” for all the nigger nurses “working” within
walking distance of it, where they gather with their pretty and precious white charges and discuss “nigger men and
matters.” and other slimy subjects pertaining to their private and borne affairs, and the language they oftentimes
use on these occasions would not look well In print, I can assure those who have never beard this class of niggers
“talk” such matters over: nor would their talk” at these “social” meetings of theirs, sound at all pleasant, to refined
and sensative ears either. Is it right and fair to the white babies and little children of that portion of the city who are
nursed by negroes, to anew this congregating of nigger “nurses” with slimy tongues to anther on one of the most
important thoroughfares of the residential portion of the city, and they In charge, too. mind you, of some of the
highest grade and loveliest white bates and little children in our city?

A thousand times NO, and the disgusting practice ought to be broken up at once, and the parents of these lovely.
but helpless children. who are rolled to this ”nigger nurse’ meeting. should help to do it before the slime passing
from these negroes’ foul mouths in smeared on and into the systems and delicate bodies of these sweet babies,
and perhaps ruin them for life. This will surely eventually happen to some of them. if these “afternoon socials”
for nigger “nurses,” are allowed to continue nt the Tampa Bay car waiting station, as at present. and at which,
on many occasions. their “favorite” nigger men. are also allowed to “attend.” and sit some-times for hours with
them, whilst they are “nursing” some fond mother’s lovely little children. on “slimy talk,” etc. This foul nuisance,
and negro menace to white battles and little children is worse at this point than at any other I know of in the city.
Another source of almost constant annoyance, and much discomfort. to white babies. and little children. from
negro “nurses.” Is their unclean and foul smelling persons. This fact to some people, who are “easy.” may
seem like a “small affair” to complain about, and it may also be looked upon by these kind of people as a
joke, but to a small white child or baby with del-irate and tender tissues, etc., It is anything but a Joke. It is
a “smell affair.” and a very serious matter, too, and it Is a pity more white and refined mothers who employ
negro nurses. do not pay more attention to this annoying form of complete discomfort and possible injury to
their babies, and little children, as is “supplied” In such “abundance, by many negro “nurses.” To illustrate
what I mean, I passed on the street a few days ago a negro girl about fifteen years old, who was very black,
fat and filthy, carrying a white child about two years old in her arms. and with a firm hold on it.

The child was very cross and seemed to be in much misery, too, as I was approaching the pair, as it was crying
aloud, and fighting as best it could at that nigger’s head and face, with its chubby little hands and fists, and it
seemed to he trying to get down, and out of that negro girl’s arms, who also In turn. was very much vexed at
the white child’s loud crying and also at its fighting ability: and it seemed to me also, as I was meeting the pair,
that the negro girl was “Itching.” and watching for a chance to slap that white child for being so ‘fussy and fighty.”
as she was scolding it In quite a strong manner. Upon getting closer to them and In passing I discovered what
I really believed was the whole cause of the white child’s bad humor and discomfort, and also Its desire to get
away from and out of that nigger’s arms, and as you also might easily guess. It was most certainly her rank and
fearful odor, she had with her that day, so I honestly believe. Poor child! I certainly felt sorry for it. and do not
blame It at all for crying and fighting as it did trying to get away from that negro girl. and her awful odor. The
thoughtless parents of that sweet child themselves would not and even could not. stand very long at a time,
the “fearfully rich- odor, that was exuding from that young nigger that day, and it would be the height of cruelty
to expect a tender and helpless child to stand It for any b•ngth of time. Few negroes are entirely free from these
fearful odors which is one of the “main” characteristics of their race, as everybody knows, and where a tender
white child Is constantly in “touch.” and contact with. and inhaling it. “fresh” from a filthy negro. that child is
almost sure to sicken from the effects of it. and it Is against such unwise and even unnecessary cases of
contamination as this, as much so as the others referred to elsewhere In this article, that white children
need, and are rightfully entitled to protection against.

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