Additional Thoughts on the Nigger Question – R.E. Thompson, 5/26/1911

Additional Thoughts on the Nigger Question – R.E. Thompson, 5/26/1911

Known as “R.E. Thompson from Toomsuba Mississippi”

I have had several to tell me, and a, few to write me, that they agreed With me on the nigger
question, except as to them not having a soul. I have never stated in any of my former articles
that the nigger did not have a soul. To tell you the truth, I do not know whether you or I have
a soul. I know I am not accountable for my being here, and I do not want to be accountable
for my leaving here. I am trying to do the right thing by my fellow man and fellow animal, and
intend to let the hereafter take care of the balance. I am trying to let my inner or sub-conscious
mind govern me in all matters. In other words, I am trying to let my inner or sub-conscious
mind lay my plans and give the orders, and then I am letting my outer-conscious mind work
out the plans and carry out the orders given by my inner mind, or what I consider my soul,
if that be its name. According to my understanding of the Bible, anything that is good is
God, and anything that is bad or deviating from good is the Devil. That is why some people
call me a Devil, I guess. I know that is why I call my neighbor, Media Page, a Devil. But
we are not Devils all the time,for we are often found to be in accord with each other, and
so are “Goodees,” or God manifested. Anybody or anything possessing a sub-conscious
mind has a “soul” according to my understanding of what the Bible means along this
line. And anybody or anything having a sub-conscious mind is capable of of inating
and executing things. Anything not having this mind is of the brute family, and can only
imitate a few tricks, parrot-like, that is learned to it by sight and sound.

This being my Interpretation of what a “soul” is, I am compelled to conclude that the nigger
belongs to the brute family, for he is only an Imitator and not an originator. My conclusion as
to the nigger being a brute forces me to believe that they should be treated like a brute.
But I wish to state that I do not believe that brutes should be mistreated. There are a lot
of people who believe that brutes should be treated cruelly, Just because they are brutes.
This is wrong, and If there is a sure-enough Devil, whose business it Is to burn criminals
in his brimstone tire, you are in a fair way to his house, If you don’t quit mistreating brutes.
Brutes, (which I claim includes the nigger), should be controlled by the human family. But
the word “control” does not mean mistreatment, if I know anything about the meaning of
the two words. If you want a dog to love and respect you, make him mind you, feed him
well, care for him as a dog should be cared for. But if you want a dog to hate you, and
bite you when you are the least expecting it, mistreat it. And if you want a nigger to love
and respect you, make him mind you, feed, clothe and care for him as a nigger should
be cared for. But if you want him to hate you, and do you all kinds of dirty tricks that
he has learned from his masters, then just treat him like he was a gentleman—a
human. The nigger being a brute, I claim that the human family Is responsible for
all the devilment the nigger does.

The nigger being a brute of a little higher order than the billy goat, he naturally picks up
tricks quicker than the goat, and being a brute, it is natural for him to apply these tricks
in a down-grade way—back to bruteism. If a nigger buck should meet a white woman
in a road In a lonely swamp, said woman wearing a low-neck dress, this nigger would
not pass by and begin to plan In his mind a method to bring about a reform of woman’s
dress that would make matters more moral and decent, but would, on the other hand,
put his brutish disposition in action, which would make the last act of the play, and from
the limb of a tree with one end of a rope around the limb and the other end around the
nigger’s neck. And all this on account of the white people not having sense enough to
put the niggers to work in the fields and kitchens where the Maker of them intended,
and for not having sense enough to cut the necks of the women’s dresses a little higher.
It is these low-neck dresses and rattling underskirt ruffles that cause more divorces
among the white people than you have been giving them credit for. And I must accuse
a lot of so-called gospel preachers of not doing their commanded duty when they fall
to preach against just such things as this. These low-neck dresses and flashy-fussy
ruffles make the gals look mighty pretty and tempting to us men folks. But there is no
final good In it. Whiskey looks and tastes mighty good to a lot of us fellows who wear
breeches. But three is no final good in it.

The gals make us fellows marry them; but as soon as the paint and ruffles come off,
our admiration for them conies off too, in most instances, and then we go to fussing
with each other, and finally give a lawyer a job to get the infernal knot of matrimony
untied. The red color of the whiskey and its tempting odor and taste induces us to
“tank up” on it, but after the “fun” is all over we hire a lawyer to convince the jury
and court that we were only “funning” and were not drunk in the least. Yes, we white
people are to blame for the meanness of the nigger, and “the devil is gwine to git us”
for not attending to them as niggers should be attended to. Lawing and hanging them
does no good. They have no conception of the meaning of such things, and most of
them consider it honorable to be lawed, sentenced to the road, hung, etc. We white
people must take away from the niggers all political rights, and then treat them according
to their natural demands. We must quit telling dirty yarns where the niggers can hear
them. Lots of so-called Christians are good at such as this, and even talk such in the
hearing of little boys. My wife tells me that some women are guilty of these bad tricks,
that of talking all kinds of vulgarity in the bearing of white children and nigger women.
And you know these nigger women run right off and tell their “sweet-hearts” what “Miss”
So and So said to her. And right there that nigger buck begins to lay in waiting for that
particular “Miss” So and So, and then it is not long until there is one more outraged
woman in the community and one less nigger buck.

We must quit hanging calanders and other pictures of “naked” women where nigger
bucks can gaze upon them. I have watched the rascals closely for several years,
and I know what kind of an effect these indecent pictures have upon these bucks.
And there are some white boys and men that have enough brute in them to make
these pictures objectionable for them to come in contact with. We must quit hiring
the niggers to do anything we can do ourselves. So long as they are in a state of
“freedam” they are not fit to get within ten feet of human beings, for they are liable
to contaminate us with diseases that can’t be cured. The nigger women are not
fit for cooks. They are spreading all kinds of incurable diseases among us white
people. If we had a little baby at our house, and my wife insisted on employing
a nigger wench to care for it, I would quit her before breakfast, for I know she,
(the nigger wench), would be almost sure to transmit to the baby the infernal
disease she carries wherever she goes, and once in the system of the baby
it would be transmitted from one generation to another. I have but little doubt
that pellagra and some other diseases of like nature that the human family
is now suffering from, are only warmed-over nigger diseases. Biscuits that
niggers make up with their hands, and that is the only way they know how
to make them, tastes to me like they had onion juice in them, which in reality
is only nigger stink, or perspiration from their hands, and arms which are
seldom washed clean.

If we would treat the niggers as they should be treated, we would make them keep
clean. We would go right into their “shacks” and over a general cleaning up, and
make them perform their duty well. That is the way it used to be done, and then
we had right nice nigger cooks, and I am here to tell you they make good cooks,
if we train them right. And what used to be done can be done again. By forcing
the nigger to keep clean we do ourselvse good and at the same time do the nigger
good. But under the present condition of things, we are daresome to “make” the
nigger-do anything. And as a consequence he is rotting out, and coming in close
contact with us is causing us to rot, just as one rotten apple in the barrel causes
good apples next to it to rot. We must force all niggers to work every day except
Sundays. And this can be done by giving them nothing, except their daily wages,
which must be low enough to leave them no sur-plus after paying for their daily
needs, which, by nature, are few. This will force the rascals to go to bed and sleep
at night Instead of running around over the country at night and mixing diseases
with disease among themselves, and will give our chickens a quiet rest, and
allow our women folks to sleep In rooms with open doors and windows without
the least fear of being molested with the black animals from Africa. There is a
lot to think of along this nigger fence. But we have been brought up under the
present condition of things, and so have never stopped to think where we are
drifting to. We must elect Vardamans for our lawmakers ,and then we will finally
solve the nigger question In a natural way and without any trouble of any kind to
anybody, and it will all end best to both the white people and this nigger brutes.

– R.E. Thompson

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