Let Us Alone – J.A.C. 1902
A Voice From the Black Belt

All’s quiet along the Potomac tonight,
The clash of resounding arms is dead,
The hills sleep calm, in the pale moonlight,
And re-echo no more with the soldier’s tread.

The song of the brave is done,
The suffering of war is past,
And the quiet of peace encircles the home
Of those who have fought to the last.

In the faith that might was not right,
That their principles were true,
That the God of right would give them might,
In the battles for me and you.

But the booming of cannon is hushed,
And the roll of musketry ceased,
And the yell of the “rebel” with victory flushed
Has changed to a song of peace.

Yes, the battle for freedom is o’er,
And the fight for bondage is won,
For shackles more sore than the black man bore
Are worn by my mother’s son.

Our brothers who gave us this load,
And more deep-dyed and guilty than we,
Seem trying to block us on our road,-
In our struggle for liberty.

And they, more wise than we,
Who have never carried this load,
They say our troubles they easily see,-
“Our systems should be more broad.”

They ask us the ballot to give
To this black and barbarous man,
Who would bring a rule of wreck and strife
On our beloved land.

So we ask them to let us alone,
Our laws and systems to spread;
The Black may vote when we are gone,
And rule when our race is dead.

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