My Pa – Mary Phagan

My Pa – Mary Phagan

My pa ain’t no millyunaire, but, Gee! He’s offul smart!
He ain’t no carpenter, but he can fix a fellers cart;
He ain’t no doctor, but you can bet he allus knows
Just what to do to fix a boy what’s got a bloody nose!

My pa ain’t president becoz, he says, he never run,
But he could do as well as any president has done.
A president may beat my pa at pilin’ up the vote,
But he can’t beat him, I will bet, a-whittlin’ out a boat!

My pa ain’t rich, but that becoz he never tried to be;
He ain’t no ‘lectrician, but one day he fixed the telephone for me!
My pa ain’t never wrote a book, but I know he could,
Becoz the stories that he tells to me are allus powerful good!

My pa knows everything, I guess, an’ you bet I don’t care
‘Coz he ain’t president or rich as any millyunaire!
Whenever things go wrong, my pa can make ’em right, you see;
An’ if he ain’t rich or president, my pa’s good enough for me!

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