Our Brother in Black – John C. Boal, 5/19/1902

Our Brother in Black – John C. Boal, 5/19/1902

Your article entitled “The Cigar Store Indian” has reached the columns of my family paper, the Leechburg Advance,
and I want your good Southern, manly hand for a thousand shakes thereof, just to show my hearty, whole-souled
appreciation of your good sense and Christian courage, when you indited the words. “It takes an expert to tell the
difference between a squaw and a buck, even in the natural stage of the animal.” That is calling things by their
proper names, that Is order; the very best of order. It is comparable to a summer shower after a protracted drought
to read such a healthy, vigorous sentiment up here in the North, my native home, where all colored beasts pressing
biped supports are almost universally recognized and caressed as “brothers,” “sisters,” “colored brothers and
sisters,” **brother in black,” and other endearing and affectionate titles. But a change is in progress in regard to
this unnatural and abominable equality with “animals,” and God speed the day when mankind everywhere will
exercise their God-given faculties by making distinctions between themselves and “animals.” It is strange, it is
humiliating to think how slow mankind are in discoverIng the difference between a white “man” and a black
“ape.” and between the offspring of man and woman, and the base begotten progeny, monstrosities of mankind
and this black ape, such as the Mongolians, Indians, Malaya. Away with such base equality, such degrading
and monstrously immoral association. Away with such base product. Away with such detestible negroism. And let
mankind-man and woman-appreciate and exercise their God-given nobility. To mankind alone has God given the
functions to rule this earth. To them alone has he given the command, “Have dominion.” “subdue the earth.” The sun
will fail to shed its light on this earth tomorrow if the negro was not created for the servant of man, and if God did
not In the Scriptures call him the “beast of the feld.” And when this “beast” Is by privilege elevated to the exercise of
rights which by divine order and gift belong alone to mankind, there Is woeful disorder everywhere, and the “beast”
is utterly spoiled, ruined and unfitted for filling his God-ordained position in the economy of divine arrangement.

Up here in the North we hear the incessant clash and clamor of each resultant disorder, and some of us at least.
understand the cause, and this once efficient steel pen-it’s not gold-almost reduced to a condition of absolute
Invalidism through a prolonged effort to explain the situation to my brothers and sisters in the so-called “North”
An old soldier who wore “blue” forty years ago and won distinction in the ranks, and who still adheres to the
Republican party. told the writer, the other day, that It makes him mad when he thinks how he was fooled into
such danger and hardship to “free a beast that It was impossible to enslave.” The negro has no more right to
freedom from under the “dominion” or control of mankind, than has any other animal, for it is the order of the
Creator, and not the order of mankind, that the negro, as well as all other domestic animals, should he under
the control of mankind. And there will never be peace on earth until God is obeyed, and order is restored at this
point. The cotton and cane fields, etc., and not schoolhouses, is the Creator’s appointed position for this mere
animal, this “beast of the field” a very significant name, by the way. The negro has been taken into the ranks
of mankind by the atheistic scientist as the “lowest race of men.” The Christhin should be sufficiently acquainted
with the Scriptural account or story of creation to understand that God did not create “races of men,-and that
it was an utter impossibility for the off-spring of that one original pair of mankind to differentiate Into “races,”
or for a single one of them to change into a negro, or to degenerate into such creatures as those which are
known be such diacritleal terms as “Mongolians,” “Indians,” and “Malays;” such creatures are monstrosities,
the offspring of man and the negro ape-“beasts of the field”-and are an amalgamation of the “flesh of men”
and the “flesh of beasts,” soulless, and by our “expansion” folly we have sacrificed hundreds of our brother
men by the weapons of such soulless, base begotten, worthless carcases. Frederick Douglass said, “All
men are brothers.” True enough: but he was not one of them.

Booker T. Washington is an amalgamation of the “flesh of men” and the “flesh of beasts” just so certainly as he
is part negro, and fundamental principles cannot be silenced, hoodwinked. or cheated by sensational gush and
caressings. Truly, mankind do quite frequently “glory In their shame,” and boast over their degradation. The terms
“North,” “South.” “East,” “West,” do not, cannot rupture the unity of mankind, nor repeal the divine precepts, “love
thy neighbor as thyself.” “do good to all men. and so. I say, here is my extended hand, ready and willing to assist
in returnieg the negro to his Creator’s appointed position among animals. The knowledge that my brothers and
sisters in the South are heavily taxed for the education of the negro “beast of the field,” is utterly ehocking and
repulsive to one who has spent much time in an unprejudiced investigation of this subject of negro equality. May
God open the eyes of mankind to see what a gross insult the Creator is sustaining by such disarrengemtnt of His
good order when a mere animal is elevated to the position of man, the lord of earth and the consequent debasement
of man to the level of this beast. It’s all too bad; it’s a gross sin and shame: and. Oh, what an effort, under God, will
it require to beat back this torrent of negroism, for it is so strongly entrenched behind the pulpit and the press.
And then think of the national Constitution! Someone, a little leas than forty years ago, boastfully and Ignorantly
inquired, and made answer to his own interrogatory as follows. “Shall our laurels wither’ No, never!” But when the
negro is put back to his place among beasts, as he will be just as surely as there is a sun In the heavens, then,
what about the so-called “fadeless laurels?” Public lecturers who understand the situation and bare the requisite
courage to express their thoughts on this subject, are an urgent necessity of the times. Mankind will not retain the
negro among their number as a citizen a moment longer after they are convinced that he is what he is-a beast.

The Christian imagines that the black, talking biped. has a soul to he cared for, and so he sticks right to the “beast,”
calls him “brother,” and even doffs his hat, and gives his hat the equality “tip” when in the presence of his beastship.
Such shameful degradation: Such Ignobleness on the part of a creature crested In the image of God. with an immortal
soul, and only a “little lower than the angels” The writer Is not In favor of “lynch law” with mankind at the noose end
of the rope, but when the subject is a negro beast, and he Is worthy of death. I say. by all means, save the expenses
of a court trial. There was a law given in ancient times bearing on this subject, a law which has not been and never
will be, repealed. It Is recorded in Leviticus xx: 15. 16. It is well that the so-called “lynching mobs” shake the dust off
this old regulator once in a while, for the execution, In church and State utterly ignore its presence; but it Is very potent
when it is recognised and executed. A few days ago a very serious difficulty took place in our city when the officers
attempted the arrest of some riotous negroes. And just about the time that the difficulty reached its cllmax one end
of a rope was dropped from an upper story window to the officers who had hold of their game. The rope was not used
as suggested. but it demonstrates a change in sentiment around here, a sentiment which is being fostered by the
beastly, shocking crimes committed by this “emancipated dear brother in black.”

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