Many of the Best Quotes by White Southerners

“If our buildings. our highways, our rail-roads should be wrecked, we could rebuild
them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer
and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons
who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our white race should become
corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the
United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for the future would be
forever gone. The maintenance of American civilization would be as impossible for a
negroid America as would be redemption and restoration of the white man’s blood.”
– Theodore G. Bilbo

“Unhappily there are thousands of farming familes who can’t move to
town, but they feel the peril all the same, and when the crime occurs
they are aroused and as one man rush like a cyclone for vengeance.
We understand it and feel it, and if the mighty North were to rise in arms
fit and say to the Southern people, “you shall not lynch a negro for this
crime,” they would simply say, “We will,” and take all the consequences.”
– Bill Arp aka Charles Henry Smith

“Although the race problem may seem to lie dormant at times, it
continually exists, lives on and on and sometimes rages with all the
fury of a jungle beast. It gnaws at the very vitals of our existence,
in time it will sap our strength and destroy the greatness of our
American way of life unless solved properly and permanently.”
– Theodore G. Bilbo

“By the absolute denial of social equality to the Negro, the barriers between the
races are firm and strong. But if the middle wall of the social partition should be
broken down, then the mingling of the tides of life would surely begin. It would
be a slow process, but the result would be the same. And though the process be
gradual, it would be none the less irresistible and inevitable. The lower strata of
the white population would probably feel the first effects, and within the foreseeable
future the middle and upper classes would be invaded. Then, the Southern White
race, the Southern Caucasian, would be irretrievably doomed.“
– Theodore G. Bilbo

“If your court houses are shams and frauds and the law’s delay is the villain’s
bulwark, then I say let judgment begin at the house of God and redeem this
country from the cloud of shame that rests upon it! When there is not enough
religion in the pulpit to organize a crusade against sin; nor justice in the court
house to promptly punish crime; nor manhood enough in the nation to put a
sheltering arm about innocence and virtue – if it needs lynching to protect
woman’s dearest possession from the ravening human beasts – then I say
lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary.”
– Rebecca Felton

“They go about quoting Thomas Jefferson who said that “all men were born free and
equal”-Well, I reckon they are, but they don’t stay so long, and it never was intended
they should. An infant is powerful free and can squeal and kick around and keep a
whole household in confusion, but by the time the little chap begins to wear breeches
he finds out he belongs to somebody, and his freedom is not worth a cent. His inequality
begins sooner than his lack of freedom, for one child Is not as smart as another, nor
as pretty nor as healthy, and can’t get as good food nor as pure air nor as fine clothes.
As the children grow up to manhood the inequality increases, and so there are kings
and subjects and princes and paupers, and the rich and great are mixed up with the
hewers of wood and drawers of water. It has always been so and always will.”
– Bill Arp aka Charles Henry Smith

“I am opposed to the nigger’s voting it matters not what his advertised moral and mental qualifications may
be. I am just as much opposed to Booker Washington’s, with all his Anglo-Saxon reinforcements, voting as
I am to voting by the cocoanut-headed, chocolate-colored typical little coon, Andy Dotson, who blacks my
shoes every morning. Neither one is fit to perform the supreme functions of citizenship, Some people may
say that that is prejudice. It may be. But it is wise prejudice founded upon the experience of all the ages. Did
you ever think what we are indebted to this prejudice for? It is this prejudice we are indebted for the purity
of the Anglo-Saxon race-the master race of the world. We are indebted to it for the literature of the English
speaking people, for all the great discoveries in science, for the incomparable original plan of the government
under which we live-in a word, all the glories which crown and glorify the civilization of the twentieth century.
But it matters little what I may think or others may say, that prejudice will live as long as the Anglo-Saxon race
retains its virility, its genius for government, and its unconquerable will to rule. When it shall cease to exist,
then, indeed, will the sceptre of the world-rulership pass to other hands and the glorious achievements or
the “heir of all the ages” shall crumble and fall. and over it all will drift the Sahara sands of oblivion.”
– James K. Vardaman

“The negro has no more right to freedom from under the “dominion” or control of mankind,
than any other animal, for it is the order of the Creator, and not the order of mankind, that
the negro, as well as all other domestic animals, should be under the control of mankind.
And there will never be peace on earth until God is obeyed, and order Is restored at this
point. The cotton and cane fields, etc., and not school houses, is the creator’s appointed
position for this mere animal, this “beast of the field.”
– John C. Boal, 1902

“I’ve been fighting Jews and niggers all of my life, I quote from
the Bible, I believe in the Bible; I worship my Lord Jesus Christ,
but I’m not a preacher. God didn’t call me to be a preacher, God
called me to fight Jews and niggers, so I engage in that fight,
with the Jews and niggers, because that is the best way to
glorify the will of God and help the white race.”
– J.B. Stoner

“The day will come, as sure as one and one make two, when there will be a clash
between the two races in this nation. It will not be fermented and brought about
by the ignorant, uneducated nigger, but will be brought on by the educated nigger,
who is a disturbing element in every community in which you find him. In one
sense the educating of the nigger might solve the race problem, but not in the
way the advocates of that theory want. When there are enough educated
niggers in this country to stir up their people, they will do so, and then will
come the clash of the two races, and when it is over the race problem, so
far as it refers to whites and niggers, will be forever settled, for one of the
two races will be exterminated, and to be candid about the matter, we don’t
believe there will be enough niggers left to hold a republican ward caucus.”
– Unknown

“Laugh at the imbecile sternness of your courts. Shout defiance at the glitter
of bayonets that would stab you in the hands of cowards. Pop your fingers
at the puerile proclamation that put detectives at your heels. Do your work
in the broad sunlight, of God’s glorious daytime, and hang, yes, burn, every
brute who destroys your home. And each time you do it, get on your knees
and pray that God may give you renewed strength and courage. Remember
that home is dearer than law, and that one innocent child or woman is worth
more than all the Governors and Judges in Christendom.”
– Unknown

“The only effect of Negro education is to spoil
a good field hand and make an insolent cook.”
– James K. Vardaman

“The South stands for blood, for the preservation of the
blood of the white race. To preserve her blood, the white
South must absolutely deny social equality to the Negro
regardless of what his individual accomplishments might be.”
– Theodore G. Bilbo

“In eighteen states in this white man’s country and also in the District of
Columbia, where the Nation’s Capitol is located, intermarriage of the
races is permitted by law. This fact is a national shame, or should I say
crime, against the white race of America, and I pray God that these
states and the Congress of the United States…will do something
about this situation before it is too late”
– Theodore G. Bilbo

“The Anglo-Saxon race glories in owning men, and it makes but little
difference whether the men are their dependents or their slaves; the
glory is all the same if they have got them in their power. Wealthy
corporations, railroad kings, princely planters, have dominion over
their employees and they control them at their pleasure. It is not
a dominion in law, but it is almost absolute in fact, and there is
nothing wrong about it when it is humanely exercised.”
– Bill Arp aka Charles Henry Smith

“Civilizations, the product of race, have been maintained only so long as the race which created
them has maintained racial integrity. The Caucasian has founded all great civilizations, and this
race, remaining white, has not lost civilization. But when the blood of the white man has become
mongrelized, civilization has not been maintained. The mongrel can neither create nor continue
civilization. The record of written history offers the proof. We have also learned from history that
prolonged racial contact between the white and colored races has always resulted in mongrelization.
When different races live side by side in close contact, the blood will eventually intermingle and
mongrelization is inevitable. The white race has never survived continued contact with the Negro
race over a long period of time. This is just as true as the fact that when the white blood has been
altered by an infusion of Negro blood, civilization and culture have decayed. The civilization and
culture of the United States of America and the might and power of our great Nation may be the
greatest ever attained by man, but with one-tenth of our population belonging to the Negro race,
can we expect history to reverse itself? Definitely not. Shall we slumber until ours is the fate of
the Caucasian civilizers of Egypt, India, Phoenicia, Carthage, Greece, and Rome? Or shall we
wake to realize that physical separation of the races is the only permanent solution of the race
problem which threatens our future.”
– Theodore G. Bilbo

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