Some Opinions of Uncle Silas – Will A. Jordan, 1908

Some Opinions of Uncle Silas – Will A. Jordan, 1908

I bin settin hear talkin’ to Mandy
All bout dem good ole times
When dar want no nigger colliges
An dat want no nameless crimes
When ole Marster gin us rashuns
An ole -Mistress gin us close,
An de happy niggers sung all day
Twix de cawn an cotton rows.

Dem show wuz good ole times den-
Wid mo’n enuf to eat,
Why we went to de white folks chuches;
Au sot in de black folks seats;
An we heard de white folks preacher
Tell bout King Jesus love,
An how de blackest nigger
Gwine be white up above.

Ah oh den ole time Chrismuses
How de niggers dance an et;
Oh de tukkey an de hog meat!
I can might’n nigh tase em yet. 1
An dat gran bowl oh glory—
Aig-nog ole Mistess made!
What she done mix wid gole juice
An stirred wid a silver spade.

But now my Lawd des look at us,
Dar aint no niggers lef!
But jess Ills low down mixtry
What kaint draw a on-es bref.
I ain’t had no peace nor patience,
Sence de Yankees sot us free;
Dar ain’t no place lef in dis hear worl
For Mandy, dah an me.

For Mandy she still wrops her hair
An wear her head-rag too,
An she allus shouts at de meeten-house
Jes lak she uster do.
Kaze de ain’t no white trash blood in her
An dar ain’t none in me yet;
We jes ole-timy niggers
An us bofe des black as jet.

I hearn em tell bout Rosyvelt
What et wid a nigger man;
My Lawd! Didn’t dat Dutchman know
Dat wuz mo’n a nigger can stan?
Da tell me bout Booker Washington
What et wid a president;
I spee he done et onions fust
Des to hide dat nigger scent.

Don’t talk to me bout dat man!
I dun loss my tase for him,
He spilt aunt Dinah’s Susan
An he ruint my granson, Jim.
Yo see dey bofe run way from home
An went to de Tusgee-gee,
In bout two yeah dey come back heah
To po ole Dinah an me.

Well, Jim he’s down in de jail house
Fur stealin’ a cote and ves,
An Susan huk uh! she you mouf!
She gone lak all de res.
Hit aint no use in trying
To make a nigger white,
De good Lawd made us niggers an
An I spec he made us right.

An I’m gwine ter wok fur white folks
Des long as ever I can
An I aint gwine ter vote fur Rosyfelt
Nor nairy nothern man
What takes de part of niggers
Gainst his own color an race
An jes to spit de demycrats
Give a nigger a white man’s place.

I heah dat Mars Jim Vardaman
Wants de niggers all to work
An stop dis school-house follishness
Whar all da lams is shirk
An I pray de Lawd to help him
Fer to bring dat time about
Umhm! I might ac knowed it;
Dat Mandy’s raised a shout.

Kaze she knowed Mars Jim have hes way
Dent good times sho will come,
Den oh Lawd! watch dese niggers
How da make de cotton hum;
An watch dem Booker Washintuns
Hump to de plow an hoe,
An wok for de nachel marsters
What rules dis worl below.

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