Straight Talk – Tom Anderson, 5/7/1970

Straight Talk – Tom Anderson, 5/7/1970

A racist is a person who believes in genetics, history, and his eyes. The epithet “racist” is something few people, including
many scientists who know that truth is being smothered, can stand to be labeled with. To talk of superiority and inferiority
today is to mention the unmentionable. Truth has become bigotry. Fact has become racism. Discrimination has become
hate. But Hereford breeders don’t hate Angus cows merely because they don’t want to cross breed with Angus. If “racist”
means a person who hates another person because of his race, it applies to very few white people. More Negroes hate
whites because they are white than vice versa. My dictionary says racism is “a belief that race is the primary determinant
of human traits and capabilities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” An overwhelming percentage of white Americans obviously are racists, then, whether they admit it or not. As Voltaire said: “Prejudice is opinion
without judgment.” Hubert Humphrey honestly believes the average Negro is as good as he is. And I do too. But to get honest comparisons, one must compare average with average, that is, average white with average black. To feel superior to someone,
or to a race of people, is not to hate them. There are few Whites whom I like and admire as much as I do a Negro preacher
who works part-time for us. He is a Christian gentleman. And I wish I were as good a Christian as he is, because that is
infinitely more important than education, money or position. I like him-better than I do Richard Nixon. There is no such thing
as equality. There is not even such a thing as “equal opportunity.” If the same opportunity is offered a child prodigy and a
moron, they do not have an equal chance. Everything, including the stars, is unequal. “One star differeth from another in
glory.” (I Corinthians 15:41). The baby given to an orphanage at birth hardly has the same opportunity as the baby who
has one million dollars put in his name at birth. Although the unearned wealth could turn out to be a disadvantage. What
stable and civilized republic in all history was predominantly or even substantially Negro? What high culture have
Negroes anytime, anywhere produced themselves?

What high culture, once achieved, ever remained a high culture once it became substantially mixed with Negro bloodlines?
What Negro Republic or free civilization now or ever has shown the necessary attributes of self-control, self-reliance, self
-responsibility, and self-help to build and maintain a great civilization? Despite what you’ve been told, Negro history has not
been obliterated. There wasn’t any. During the past 5,000 years the history of Black Africa is blank. Not just here, everywhere.
It’s blank in Africa too. Until other races arrived, there was no literate civilization south of the Sahara Desert. The Black African
had not invented a plow or a wheel, domesticated an animal or a crop. He had no written language, no numerals, no calendar
or system of measurement. The only building he had ever built was thatched, windowless mud but and a stockade. His external trade consisted only of his own slaves, ivory, palm oil and mahogany. He carried things only in his hands or in human skulls. His medicine was administered by witch doctors. He was sometimes cannibalistic. He was, in short, a savage. Instead of saying the Negro is everywhere and at all times “inferior” to the white man, let us say that he is different. About that there is no doubt. When
two things or two groups differ, one has to be better in some ways than the other. The black, on the average, scores significantly below the white in abstract intelligence. The Negro lacks the White’s ability to deal with symbols. He can memorize equality, but
he cannot reason equally. He cannot compete with the White in science, statesmanship, arts, literature. Physically, he is equal
or ahead.

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