Stupidity and Mis-information – Unknown, 10/31/1918

Stupidity and Mis-Information – Unknown, 10/31/1918

Pearson’s Magazine recently published an article by a negro which says he hails from Jamaica, British
West Indies. This negro gives an account of his life, and of his coming to America six years ago. His
article is written from the viewpoint of one who has progressed far above ordinary minkind and looks
down with pity upon the “prejudice and brutality” of the white race. Here is a sample of his work:

“I had heard of prejudice in America but never dreamed of it being so intensely bitter; for at home
there is also prejudice of the English sort, subtle and dignified, rooted in data distinction-color and
race being hardly taken into account. °It was such an atmosphere I left for America to find here
strong white men, slendid types, of better physique than any I had ever seen, exhibiting the most
primitive animal hatred towards their weaker black brothers. In the South daily murders of a nature
most hideous and revolting in the North silent acquiescence, deep hate half. hidden under a puritan
respectability, oft flaming up into an occasional lynching—this ugly raw sore in the body of a great
nation. At first I was horrified, my spirit revolted against the ignoble cruelty and blindness of it all. Then
I soon found myself hating in return; but this feeling couldn’t last long for to hate is to be miserable.”

The sentiments expressed by this nigger is about on a par with a few negro-loving white men
and women in this country. They have never given any study to the question, but write solely from
a sentimental viewpoint. These people, think and look always at the lynching of negroes. They
devote no thought to the innocent victim of the negro’s lust. They care never a straw for the white
girl or woman, killed or condemned to a worse than living hell. They never consider the crime of the
negro which causes lynching. Neither do these sentimental fools ever think of the disaster that would
overtake the white man’s civilization if the negro is permitted unrestricted political and social equality.
And it never occurs to them that they should marry a negro themselves. The white man owes it to
himself and to posterity to preserve his civilization, and his government. Common sense will convince
any reasonable man or woman, that the white man and the negro cannot amalgamate and maintain
a civilization. The facts of history are that the negro has never advanced of himself. What progress
he has made has been under the guiding hand of the white man. Civilize him, and set him free, and
he will go back to the worship of the snake. And the negrophiles, never think of the blessings that
America has bestowed upon the negro race. The negro was brought here as an animal, without a
language, or a religion. America, taught him a language, trained him to eat cooked food, gave him a
religion, and put him in a place where he could climb if he could. But he cannot climb. In return the
negro has contributed nothing to the civilization or progress of the white race. We would have been
many times better off, if never a black foot had touched American soil. From the contact of black with
white, the advantages have all accured to the negro, and the evils to the white man. The only solution
of the negro question is to first take his status as an American citizen away from him, and then
send him back to Africa. If he can maintain a civilization, let him do it there.

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