The Negro a Different Kind of Flesh – A.S. Hopkins, 6/18/1909

The Negro a Different Kind of Flesh – A.S. Hopkins, 6/18/1909

The Apostle Paul said, “All flesh it not the same flesh; but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beast,
another of fishes and another of birds.” I Corinthians 15:39. Paul who was so wise on other great subjects, was no
less so when he came to distinguish that the flesh of beast was different to that of man. Contrary to the plain teaching
of the Bible, some people still contend and teach that the negro, who is a different kind of flesh is our brother in black.
That the negro is a descendant of Adam, and has the same kind of flesh, the aspirations, the same mission and the
same destiny as man, is a misinterpretation of the Bible. The word “beast” stand next to the word “man” in the scriptures.
Both “man” and “beast,” “man” or “beast.” The negro is not the only beast, but one of them. If there were not a beast
with other than four feet, why does the scriptures make mention of a four-footed beast? There is a beast that not only
has a hand, but a knowledge of God, and his laws are plainly taught by the Bible. If this is a hard doctrine, consult
the Bible before rejecting it. In May 8th edition of “The Issue,” I pointed out the Bible origin of man, the negro, and
the mixed bloods. The Bible plainly teaches that the mixed bloods are corrupted flesh, and are just so many evidences
of God’s violated law. Yet, intelligent people still contend and teach that the negro is the same kind of flesh as the
white. and is our brother in spirit and in truth. I find no Bible that even hints such is true. God created man in His
own image (Gen. 1:27), and made the beast, the “negro” after his kind (Gen. 1:25). This being true, they cannot
be the same kind of flesh. The soul quality is peculiar to man and to his uncorrupted descendants. The soul makes
man akin to God as no other of His creations are or can be. Man is the crowning fabric of the handiwork of God.
David said man was created a little lower than the angels. Then who would believe the negro is a man? When we
consider the fact that man’s origin is Gen. 1:27, and the negro’s Gen. 1: 25, it is easy to understand the following
differences. Any effort on the part of man to change these creations shall continue to fail.

The white smooth skin of the white finds it greatest contrast in the black, coarse skin of the negro. The thin, smooth
lips of man, the thick puffed lips of the negro; the prominent narrow nose of the white, finds its greatest contrast in the
broad flat nose of the black. The hair of the white is round, and sets obliquely into the scalp and is soft and velvety to
the touch. That of the negro is flat and sets vertically into the scalp, why it curls, and is coarse and harsh to the touch.
The negroes arm is longer in proportion to the length of the body than that of the white. The union of the parietal and
frontal bones on top of the head takes place at a much younger age in the negro than it does in the white child. Nature
shuts the negro in while the brain of the white child is left to grow, expand and develop. The negro attains his mental
and physical developments at a much younger age than does the white. These characteristics ???? the negro to the
lower order of animals. I once saw a negro’s skull, the bones of which were from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch
thick, while that of the .white is from an eighth to a quarter of an inch. The sutures of the cranial bone of the negro is
much less complex than that of the white. The three curvatures of the spine are less pronounced in the negro than
in the white. The calves of the white are situated relatively low, while those of the negro set relatively high on the leg,
the high arched foot of the white with its narrow heel is great in contrast with the flat. foot of the negro with its broad
heel. All physicians know it takes about double the dose of ordinary medicines for the negro that is used for the white,
excepting opiates, of this it takes less. The nervous system of the negro is less complex and inferior in quality compared
to that of the white. The mental indolence of the negro is the same today as it has always been. They drop down and
sleep anywhere. No responsibility keeps them awake. They are absolutely unfit for any position of trust. The negro can’t
help it. He is physically and mentally so made. Consider his origin and mission, and stop trying to make a man of him.
Seems this has been tried long enough for us to know it is an impossibility.

The sensible thing to to do is to send everything that has a drop of negro blood in their veins back home to Africa, and
let them make laws and govern themselves. Every man who has raised his voice in commending such a move is the
wisest man of today. God speaking to man (Gen. 9:5) says, “And surely your blood of your lives will require; at the hand
of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man, etc.” Here is a beast that not only has a hand, but a knowledge
of God and his laws as applied to himself and to man. This is evidenced by the fact that God requires man’s blood at
his hand. What beast save the negro has such knowledge of God and his laws as applied to himself and to man. This
is evidenced by the fact that God requires man’s blood at his hand. What beast save the negro has such a knowledge?
Man’s blood is required at the hand of every beast that has such a knowledge. Read Jonah, 3rd chapter. “The King of
Nineveh proclaimed and said let neither man nor beast taste anything-but let man and beast be covered with sackcloth
and cry mightily unto God: Yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands.”
Here is a beast that has not only a hand and a knowledge of God and his laws, but is crying mightily unto that God for
deliverance from his evil way. and from the violence that is in their hands. If this beast is not the negro which one is it?
The wickedness of Nineveh consisted in man’s sinful association with these beasts the “negro” that cried mightily unto
God. These men disobeyed the Levitical law “Thou shalt not lie with any beast.” From the number of yellow negroes to
be seen in most every town, ‘men are now disobeying this same law and are walking in the foot-prints of Sodom and
Gomorrah and Nineveh. This is the sin that has cost every nation before us, who have been guilty, their happiness and
favor in the sight of God. Reader, had you thought about it? It is time men were thinking and turning from their evil way.
A shocking sight to look upon the mulatto. His flesh corrupted, his conception is the blackest sin in the sight of God. For
this sin, nations before us have been spued out In ties of blood, the mulatto is akin to some innocent white, who must
be mortified on account of the black lust of some father, husband, son or brother.

A few years ago, an editor of a Sunday School Quarterly taught that Cain married his sister. The Bible plainly teaches
that Cain had a wife and children before Seth was born. Seth was the third child and a boy. Cain’s offering was rejected
because of his sin with the thing that had desire for him, and which was later his wife, in the land of Nod and the mother
of-his children. This creature must have been the female negro. Cain’s offering was rejected because of this sin, and
before he killed his brother, Abel. Cain should rule over the thing that had desire for him. To have desire necessitates
opposite sex After Adam’s fall, Adam should rule over Eve who had desire for him. Not reasonable to suppose that
Cain’s parent desired to kill him, so why should the Lord set a mark upon Cain if there were not other creatures there
that had a knowledge of sin and of God’s laws to man. These creatures, one which had desire for Cain had this knowledge.
Cain’s childrer were corrupted flesh, their father being one kind of flesh and their mother a different kind of flesh. Man’s
guilt in this same sin is who God looked upon the earth and beheld it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way
upon the earth, and the earth was filled with violence through them. Man corrupted his flesh by having children born
unto him by a female of strange flesh the beast-the negro. Notice why Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord: First.
He was a just man. Second. He was perfect in his generations. Third. He walked with God. If there were no imperfections
in generations in those days, why such scripture? Noah being perfect in his generations was a greater virtue than walking
with his God-it coming second. If a negro had been the mother of one of Noah’s children, he would not have been perfect
in his generations neither would he have built the ark. Noah’s generations, Shem, Ham and Japheth went into the ark with
him. Cain, the first child born unto Adamic parent, went after strange flesh, which had desire for him. Jude writes in terms
of warning by saying “Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain, etc.” Seems that Cain’s way was almost
universal before the flood. Noah and his house-were the only righteous ones. Gen. 7:1.

The negro went into the ark, male and female, as one of the beast. They were pure negroes after the original type which
God made, and not yellow negroes, for God knew the mulatto was corrupted flesh then as now God’s design in the flood
was to bring his creation which he said was not only good but very good, back to its riginal purity. All the corrupted flesh
was destroyed by the flood. Too many people leave their thinking for some one else to do, while that one is possibly so
stupidly ignorant when they come to consider some most vital subject. The negro problem is the most vital of all moral
problems, as many thinking men have already said. As a nation, our future happiness hinges on the stand we take in this
matter. The sooner it is forever settled the better. Separation is my. remedy. If that fails, there is just one ultimatum, and
that not far distant. We are a most patient people, or we would have rebelled long ago. “Thou shalt not lie with any beast.”
“Subdue the earth and have dominion.” Would that I could write these words in letters of fire upon the face of heaven, that
all men who were honored with the likeness of their God, might read and obey. In obedience to these commands, God’s
spirit would return to us as a nation, and instead of empty benches, the preacher would have a full house to greet him on
the Sabbath morn. Some attempt to bend the scriptures any old way to include the negro as their brother in black. Some
are teaching that the man of Ethiopia, an eunuch, who believed on Jesus, and was baptized by Phillip, and went on his
way rejoicing was a negro. The scriptures do not even hint such an erroneous idea. Man was created in God’s image,
and it is enough for me to know this eunuch was a man. Being a man, he could not be a negro, for the Bible does not
teach that the negro is a man. Man is the only heir to the fall in Adam, therefore, the only heir to the redemption in Christ
Jesus. To believe on Jesus necessitates heirship to both the fall and the redemption. If man had not fallen, he could not
be redeemed. If this man, the eunuch, had been a negro, he could not have believed on Jesus. If such bending of the
scripture and such teachings as this is correct, if the Bible would admit of such violence and still be true.

I would cast the whole book from me, and with the fool cry out there is no God, no Savior, no heaven and no hell. I could
not put my trust in any such a book. Instead of bending the Bible to suit man’s sinful relation to the negro, we should change
the relation to conform to the scripture’s. “Thou shalt not lie with any beast.” “Subdue the earth and have dominion.” That
the negro occupies a very unnatural position all thinking people know. Having political and religious equality. They are now
clamoring with all their energy for social equality. While some whites are low that they just as soon have a negro as a white
wife, there are thousands of clean men, who would rather die and go to hell a thousand times than for such to come into
their houses. According to the Atlanta Georgian of June 2nd, Alexander Walters, a negro bishop of New York in an address
said, “There is no such thing as racial inferiority. What difference that may exist are due to inequality of opportunity and environment,-that the blood of all men is red.- Demanding social equality anyone can see. The Bible origin of the ancestors
of this bishop is Gen. 1:25. The Bible calls this bishop a “beast,” so he is not even a man, to say nothing about being man’s
equal. The blood of all “beasts” is also red. St. Paul, who no doubt this. bishop delights to quote, says “all flesh is not the
same flesh.” “There is one kind of flesh of men.”-the white-created in God’s image-Gen, 1:27, “another kind of flesh of
beast” -the negro-created after his kind. Gen. 1:25, “another of fishes, and another of birds.” This is where the Mosaic
record of the creation places the Bishop, and I ant not responsible for it.

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