The Negro is Not Human – Unknown, 11/7/1903

The Negro is Not Human
– Unknown, 11/7/1903

I have been a reader of the Mail and Breeze for sometime past and have had a good opinion of it but for an
article in your last Mail and and Breeze, entitled “They Want to Repeal It,” and they are a set of fools, these
Southern people to imagine that the Ffteenth amendment can or ever will be repealed. You are one of millions
of people that don’t know the difference between a negro and a human bring. It is rank atheism to believe or
teach that the negro is a human, though he has so been regarded for thousands of years in direct opposition
to the plain teachings of the Bible, which in Genesis gives an account of the creation of the world and all things
therein. From this source we learn that God, as the crowning work of all he had done, created man and after
a lapse of considerable time, seeing that his son Adam was lonesome, caused a deep sleep to come over Adam
and while in that condition he took a rib from Adam’s. side and made him a helpmatw. These two were human
beings and were white, which we are led to believe from the fact that the white race has always stood at the
head of the class for intelligence in every particular. The negro has the advantage of having been created when
all the rest of the animals were created and belongs to the ape family, hence has no part in the plan of salvation,
for God created him by His infinite power-simply said, let the earth bring forth,” etc. “That the negro was created
for a servant to man there could be no reasonable doubt if you will only think of the task God set for mankind.
The subduing of the earth-that is, in order that it might produce all things needful for men-the wild nature
of the soil must be overcome by cultivation, hence the negro was given the power of articulate speech
and hands to handle the hoe, ax, spade and plow, and that he might make himself useful in the
carrying out of God’s instructions to subdue the earth.

“But very early in the history of man the atheistic idea that the negro was a human was embraced by Cain, and
his choice of a negress as an associate so displeased God that He bound this young atheist, Cain, to his black
paramour in the relation of wife, and after Cain was ostracised from the company of his parents and had lost the
respect of God, he went to the Land of Nod and there knew his wife and she bore him a son, and history gives
an account of Cain and his progeny for 300 years, and they were a mixed race brought about as now brought
about by amalgamation. Amalgamation has been practiced in this country to such an extent that there is not a
full blooded negro in the United States; that they are not human but apes; that there are not five races of mankind,
but only one, all the rest of the various colors being but the result of amalgamation; primarily by amalgamation
between pure Adamic stock and the negro, then the intermixture of those one and one-ball breeds, quarter breeds,
eighths, sixteenths, on and on until every shade of color was produced. That all this can be proved by the Bible
and science there is no room to doubt and if you will send $2 to the Adamic Publishing company, St. Louis, Mo.,
and get a book entitled “The Tempter of Eve,” by Charles Carroll, and read it closely. prayerfully, praying to
God to give you an understanding of the Bible, you may kuow more than to call the Southerner a fool.

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