The Two Hatchets
– Unknown, 1901

You may talk about the hatchet that Washington once used,
When he cut and slashed his father’s cherry-tree;
But Mrs. Nation out in Kansas, with official aid refused
Closed the joints with legal hatchets as we see.

And the smashing with her hatchet heat’ the record that he made,
And the damage that was done to the tree
And leaves the little hatchet story entirely in the shade
By the overt demonstrations that we see.

She called on the state officials and told them what to do
To enforce the legal laws that were made;
And with sarcastic epithets they knew that it was true,
If they failed to do their duty she would raid.

But Mrs. Nation’s vacation was short on duration
While they held her a pris’nor for a while,
Liberated she came forth with avowed determination
To carry on the work in better style.

So early in the morning before it was even day
With her pick and little hatchet in her hand,
And the work that she did while facing a gun
Soon was spread far and near o’er the land.

But George, ’tis said, was sorry when he saw what he had done
And was willing to admit it was wrong,
But Mrs. Nation seldom fails and defies the court and jails
And keeps smashing up the joints right along.

But the great demonstration that followed Mrs. Nation
And awakened a slumbering cause
Will long be remembered by those she befriended
And the Kansas violators of the laws..

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