Thoughts on the Nigger Question – R.E. Thompson, 5/5/1911

Thoughts on the Nigger Question – R.E. Thompson, 5/5/1911

Known as “R.E. Thompson from Toomsuba Mississippi”

I do not know what you think about niggers, and I do not know whether you care to know what
I think about them. But I think certain things about them, and I am going to tell some of them,
and if you do not care to read any further you can go and play with the doodle bugs, chase a
bumble-bee, whittle on a stick, cuss your neighbor’s billy goat, or do any other old thing that
your anatomy dictates. I have no set speech to make on the nigger question, and what I will
state will not be connected up according to band-box style for that is not my style of speaking
and writing. So, if you fail to understand me, go and pray for help and guidance. In the first
place, I wish to state that I know niggers stink. Some people do not seem to realize this fact.
Some realize it, but make out like they do not. And it is these kind of people that love niggers
better than I. I do not hate the nigger on this account; it is part of his nature; he is not to blame,
for that was the way he was made, and he had nothing to do with his original making, and will
never be able to overcome this peculiar characteristics feature of himself. And some niggers
stink worse than others, or to make it more palatable to your mind, some niggers stink “louder”
than others, just as some white people “smell” worse than others and just as some do not “smell”
so good as others. It is said that the infernal Japs say the white folks stink worse to them than
any other race of people on earth or anywhere else. So you see it all depends upon how our
smelling departments “look” at this matter of stinking. It is said that God made everything and
that everything lie made was for a good purpose. So, taking this as the truth, and I do not doubt
it, we must admit that the peculiar odor of the nigger is for a purpose. In the day time people with
eyes can tell a nigger by looking at him; but in the dark all people have the same color, and it is
my belief that the nigger was made to stink so that we white folks could tell him from ourselves
in the dark as well as in the light, and so that blind people could tell him from themselves.

It was never intended that the nigger associate with the white people in any way, further than in a
business way. The nigger is an animal of his own, and we are one of our own, just as the monkey
is one of his own and the elephant one of his own. We were not created alike, and man will never
be able to obliterate the original characteristic of our creation, no matter how much the nigger lovers
(?) may foam and fuss to the contrary. It is a disgrace to God Himself and a slap in His face for us
to try to put ourselves on an equality with the nigger, for that is absurd and even the nigger knows
it to be the truth. When we commence to dabble along this line we simply try to put ourselves on
an equality with the nigger not him on an equality with us. We can not elevate the nigger to our
standard, but we can, to a certain degree, degrade ourselves down to the nigger’s level and that
is as far as we can ever expect to change matters from the plan of original creation. Everything
was made for a good purpose, and I make the statement that all things can be proven to be either
right or wrong, and I defy anyone, anywhere, to prove that it is good for either the nigger or for us
to be mixing in a social and political way, for this has been tried sufficiently and proven to be of no
real good to either nigger or the white. All sincere Southern people admit that it is not good for the
niggers and whites to mix in a social way. Even politician LeRoy and Brother Alex will admit to this
much. Then if it is not good for us to mix in a social way, then surely it is not good for us to mix in a
political way, for one with a pinch of sense can easily see that the political way leads right on up to
the social line. and after getting to the line there is an awful tempatalon to put one foot over the line
just to see how It feels, and after one foot is put over there is a desire to try the other foot over there
and before you hardly realize it you have gotten Into it up to your chin, and if you are not pretty sharp
h–l will be to pay before you can run back. Everything was made for a good purpose and the nigger
is no exception. The nigger is alright—in his place.

A whole lot of us have gotten it into our heads that the nigger is not alright. But that Is not the way of
it. The nigger is alright, and we, the whites, are alright. The wrong comes in on account of us having
degraded ourselves by putting ourselves on a political equality with him. We did not do it intentionally.
We were forced into it by a few Northern politicians who were working for No. 1 at our expense. But
we have had a chance, since the sixties and seventies, to try to take the yoke off, but would not avail
ourselves of it, and the reason is we have been letting a few Southern scheming politicians hold the
rag over our face, and we did not have the manhood to spit. out the rag and knock down the infernal
hypocrite that was holding lt. The nigger is alright—in his place. The scheming politician (not statesman),
is all wrong—to us and for us. The horse is alright—in his place, or its place. If the nigger is alright in
his place, then where is his place? The nigger’s place is to fulfill the command of the white race, just
as it is the horse’s place to do the same. Then you are in favor of slavery of the nigger? Yes, in the
same sense that you and I are in favor of slavery of the horse and billy goat. Now, this Is where I stand
on the nigger question, and it you don’t like it, you may go and eat some raw mustard and fuss with the
“old lady.” I am not in favor of the kind of slavery that I read about having here before the uncivil war
between the states. And I have not the space to my command in this article to tell you what kind I am
in favor of. But if a string don’t slip and my wife does not fuss at me too much, and I don’t have to run
off before breakfast to borrow some soda, I will come in another article next week and tell you what
kind of nigger slavery I am in favor of, and also some other things about niggers. Tapering off on local
affairs, wish to state that I heard my friend, Handy R. Stone, of Meridian, preach a mighty fine sermon
on last Saturday at old Salem church, near Kewanee, Tonic, Alamucha and Toomsuba. Hardy is a fine
lawyer—hard to beat at any price—but a finer preacher than his father was, who was an acknowledged
preacher. And the most remarkable part of it, Hardy is the son of a preacher. Who ever before heard of
a preacher’s son making a Preacher of himself. But Hardy does not claim to be a preacher at all, but
just an ordinary good lawyer. But he’s a preacher just the same. Hurah for Hardy Stone! He is a self
-made man, and a combination of himself that is hard to head off.


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